From-The-Whirlwind Summary, January-ish through Most of April-ish






*The first quarter of 2017 has not gone as planned:

  1. there were the holidays
  2. my husband’s car died and is still dead, thus, I have been driving him to work and back most days so I can use the car during the day because…
  3. I have been driving the kids all over the place since their activities seem to have ramped-up all of a sudden
  4. my husband accepted a new job starting next school year, so…
  5. we spent all of spring break (and then some) prepping our house so we could put it on the market (thus, all the podcast listening… 8 hours of painting and repairing and cleaning a day for a week plus an hour and a half a day in the car 3-4 days per week for month equals many, many hours of podcast listening)
  6. we have been vacating the house randomly for various lengths of time so potential buyers can tour our house
  7. we have been decluttering, donating, and yard sale-ing
  8. we have been packing
  9. we have been cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning
  10. we have been working
  11. we have been schooling
  12. we have been reading
  13. we have been listening
  14. I have not been blogging – time for that to change

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