End-Of-Week Summary, Weeks of July 9th through October 22nd*






*Yes, I am still here. A few weeks ago, I would have said, “Barely,” but I have given myself time to recover from the “move from hell” (which I will be sharing about later, I am sure) and am feeling pretty positive about life, the universe, and everything right now. I definitely could not have said that two months, two weeks, or even two days ago. But, as I said, I have given myself permission and time to heal, so although there is still some adulting and some cleanup and recovery that has to go on, I am back in a healthy writing place.

This week’s input list has some specific book titles, but everything else is just titles of blogs, publications, and podcasts I tried or tried to keep up to date with as best I could while we were on the road, bouncing between hotels, living without internet for weeks, and living without personal belongings for months (thus, why I haven’t gotten past “continued” with Secret Windows… it was in a box in moving purgatory for two months then waiting to be rediscovered as we unpacked). One step in my self-preservation and healing was hitting “mark all as read” in my Feedly app where there were over 100 unread blog posts waiting for me! I felt guilty for about 30 seconds then moved on to put out another moving-related fire. Now that we are settling into a new normal with a relatively predictable rhythm, my reading and listening is picking up and I have the time to sit and process and write.

It’s nice to be back! See you this weekend with the first complete post-move End-Of-Week Summary! (And maybe even the first sharing of output related to the input!)


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