Dark Night of the Soul* Summary, January 19th



  • My blog reading has been basically non-existent over the last 6 months; reading on a computer screen was basically impossible




*My world was turned upside down at the end of June 2019 when my husband asked for a divorce and we separated. I have spent much of the last 6 months in prayer and meditation, practicing self-care, getting the practicalities of separation/ divorce in order (finances, job, lawyers, etc), and trying to provide emotional support and be a positive example of trust, grace, and letting go to our four children (all teens and young adults). Given that I have been away so long, I am touched by how many of you continue to check-in here for content, share posts, and re-read past posts. While I was too far into the darkness to respond or feel worthy of creating new content (having the person you love most in the world discard you sends you the message that you have nothing to contribute to the world), I have been so touched that you all have continued to provide a glimmer of hope for me by engaging here. Thank you. Now that I am beginning to feel human again and re-discovering passions and a healthier, stronger, more grace-filled me, I hope to be writing and engaging here much more regularly. So many great things have been going on as I traveled through the darkness. I cannot wait to share them with you! Grace and peace to you.

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